Skin ‘n’ Jeans – Natey

After the couple of competitions I ran, Natey was the only one to claim his prize lol. Here you go Natey. Some boys with jeans but no tops smile (well mostly.. I added one nearly no shirt).



19 (1)


What? He looks great and it’s close enough to no top :P




A helping hand? Also, I hope this counts – if not for fun then! laugh

One of my favourite fighting kids sets has two boys in jeans and no tops. Here’s a few pictures from that set. No children were harmed in the making of these pictures. They’re acting.




14 thoughts on “Skin ‘n’ Jeans – Natey

  1. All the pics are great! my faves are #4 and #5! of the pics, the 1st one is the best! looks like the boy on the bottom is enjoying the defeat!

  2. I’m glad you like it smile Hmmm.. #4 does seem popular. I thought that he would be known. I’m pretty sure I came across another photo of him at some point.. I’ll see if I can find it smile

    Sadly, I don’t know of a direct link for that set. As it is I only have a few more pictures of that set although I wish for more (I’ve forgotten their names but they were my two favourite actors in fighting kids laugh )

    I’m always happy to share whatever I find though smile

  3. #1 The Ultimate in blonde boys together,and might I ad Great Photography , The hues of the blonde boys.their hair and skin color along with the rock wall tone all completely fit together! Great shot and I love the blonde boys! The one in the middle is for me!!! hug #3 Is young but I still want that boy! YUM! #4 dash yes too sexy for his shirt! #7 Is a page out of my boy book! Grabbing crotches,grinding our bodies and all the rest I cant say here!! That’s how it all starts!!!!! yes

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