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    • Really Toby?? lol I guess you didn’t take this kind of pic when you were younger cuz they didn’t have social media like we have now but they’re for use on social media and texting. I’ve taken a few of these myself. As iloveboys knows, they’re called “selfies” because they involve only the person pictured taking the picture of themselves…. you do not want to ask someone else “hey come take a picture of me with my shirt off looking sexy” (or maybe even more off)… but you still wanna be able to show off your body or cute looks online so other people will pay more attention to you online and thus do so “IRL” (although “online” is, in fact, real life). That’s why there are loads on the social media sites you mentioned. Often people use them to get their egos stroked… they post them so that others can comment “damn you’re sexy!!!” and things like that. Of course, it also opens people up to bullying since people can, and often do, say things like “damn you’re ugly!!!” and things like that. People are so cruel to each other online, it really sickens me.

      It reminds me of the dancing guy.. there was this guy in the U.K. who is heavier than most people and was dancing… and then some cruel person – a user of the horrendous site “4chan” – snapped a pic of him, and then started laughing at him… the user posted the pic with the caption “Spotted this specimen trying to dance. He stopped after he saw us laughing.” The picture spread online from 4chan to social media sites with thousands of people mercilessly making ugly remarks about the man who had simply wanted to join in with the other people in dancing. While I am a proponent of “free speech” – my support does not extend to speech that is meant solely to cause psychological harm to others. Hate speech and bullying, in my opinion, should not be protected, and many countries in fact impose liability for these things. People think they are anonymous online (they aren’t), and when that is the case, they feel free to show their true selves since they think there will not be any consequence (most often that is true). I once thought most people were good by nature. Nope – see exhibit A: the internet.

      • Yeah I know but obviously that doesn’t happen for the vast majority of victims of online bullying.

        They do it for confidence boosts – they seek validation. It’s also used as a means of attracting partners, especially among gay males and hetero females who are looking to pair up with males who tend to value visual appeal more highly. In that respect, it’s really no different than behavior seen in many animals, such as the frigatebird when it very publicly inflates it’s large red sacks to attract a mate. I enjoy it very much also… I even happened across a picture of one of my fellow students showing off his cock…

  1. on-line selfing is self portrayal, not being the self in the flesh in public. self portrayal is not the same as being in the flesh in public. self portrayal is an invitation to comment on and about the portrayal. just as acting on the stage or on screen is subject to reactions to the portrayal. you cannot emit your self with out another’s reaction … you invite such. if you do not like the reaction, too bad. maybe they did not like you and your selfie. reactions can be humiliating in intent and thus also get reaction, by such public on screen self portrayal. if I lose my self over all those who hate me, too bad. when anyone looks for a job it is their self portrayal, win or lose. there is reality, and WWI and WWII and so on and so forth, very real self portrayals. oh … time to shut up … drinks

    • ……. chuckle Quantium..Just how much Crystal Meth do you smoke??? chuckle You are SO bizarre?…Anyway I read Mintergreens reply to toby and while a bit sarcastic I have to agree with him…But what I know is that these boys (and girls) parents have NO IDEA that their young boys are posting picture’s that sexualize themselves and show all their attributes to the world!!! NO IDEA!!! Oh trust me im glad they do! But I know for a fact that their parents are clueless! I mean ive seen little wee boys like 10 years old showing their V`s and pubic lines any parent would put a stop to that IF they knew!! Most parents of these kids are so self absorbed and so disassociated with their kids lives that they don’t know what their kids are doing or what they are posting! Good for BL`s I guess yes huh? While I have greatly enjoyed some of those myself,I do once in a while say to myself ..their parents would sh-t if they knew!!! I mean don’t get me wrong like I said I enjoy seeing these young boys in many different poses! But I cant say I would like MY KID to do it!!! That’s modern day technology for ya! And Mintergreen is right ,My generation has grown up with the advent of Slutty media whorish gold digging Kardashians and the like that all they think about is how good they look and how they have to tweet every stinking detail about their lives and photograph every time they take a dump!! chuckle Their lack of parental supervision at home and lack of attention and the medias ever attention grabbing headlines makes these kids seek attention and admiration from strangers They all want to be famous, all want to be noticed, all want admiration to validate their empty meaningless lives that are perpetuated by the main stream media and Hollywood yes Its a sad state of affairs but its to our advantage I guess! We get to look at hot young boys that wanna show off their hot little bodies and so on! I for one like that these boys are so free and open to show their attributes! Keep it comin love! dash Boys are never ending..There will ALWAYS be boys!!! inlove

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