24 thoughts on “Little beauty finds a new friend in the sea :)

  1. The jellyfish is actually the new friend the boy finds in the sea. (I guess that is what Sascha was referring to ;) ) . But the boy in the striped swimming trunks is a nice catch too, just like the boy himself.

  2. That 1st pic makes me a little uneasy, that Jellyfish he’s holding could have very easily been poisonous! The Box Jellyfish is deadly, one can die in just few mins from a sting! I hope he doesn’t go around the beach picking just any Snail he sees, the Cone Snail is eve more deadly! it’s venom travels so fast through the body, you’re dead before you feel the touch! or at least paralyzed.

    • the Box Jellyfish and the Cone Snail ? new to me. I only ever handled two non-stinging jelly things … ugh. these guys are maybe future human versions of the Box Jellyfish and the Cone Snail but not yet. Ha Ha TX

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