9 thoughts on “Another cute yt commercial

  1. Yeah I do know him, he is so a cutie smile Thanks for posting this cute video.
    I have also published a picture post about him smile So if you find them, you will also find his name smile

  2. I believe the boy is called Maurizio Magno, and yes, Sasha has posted him on the blog before… Now that I have seen this commercial, I am definitely eating at McDonalds xD
    @Jo I am still leaning German, I would translate Herzensbrecher as a
    hearth breaker, and I agree with you on that, he definitelly is laugh

  3. @alexvanhelsing: He is in a series called Herzensbrecher. I recommend it to you, great to improve your german. I didn’t translate literally, but kept in mind Herzens means brain. My german ain’t that good either, but it is good enough to watch german tv.

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