7 thoughts on “Just found this naughty boy :)

  1. Yes, especially the references to his boyhood, I’m wondering if he hasn’t known MBL this kid is very high strung! but also extremely cute! And as Parker mentioned, there are interesting ways he could utilize some of that energy.

  2. Reminds me of guys on drugs, not heroin nor alcohol here. Drug reactions of young guys do not equal adult reactions nor girls, depending not on gender / sex but other things not merely XY related. [ We are all xy reactive, depending on just which xy version. Ha Ha ] For many [ not all ! ] youngers, excitatory drugs act as downers and for many [ not all ! ] downers are excitatory. He is on something his someone in the background is aware of more than obviously. AND, please note ==> he is under control. Boring boredom and not exciting but exclamatory of drug use in a lot of homes for boy and youth control. MMmm. &c

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