15 thoughts on “Look @ my legs (4)

      • DUDE what an amazing selection!!! No I haven’t seen these!! The only ones I’ve seen here are #1 and #7…. ho man #2 was instantly added to my collection.. right before the rest were smile Dude thanks so much for posting…. #2 is frikkin killer.. that is my favorite kind of shot… sweet sole up close with his beautiful face just beyond… oh man smile THANK YOU smile

  1. The number two has ten toes that equal the face we can also see. Good photography which we dearly pray for. After we pray for the object of our affection so we might worship. [ Feminists complain that objectification is bad. They are as evil, to me, as they who hate us who come here and go similarly. I am an object of their anger. F them all. rtfm Ha Ha ] smile

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