10 thoughts on “Boys and Football

  1. Soccer, in America it’s not a big sport. I’m curious… what do boys wear for underwear? Do they wear compression shorts? Do they wear cups? It is a very physical activity with…kicking after all!!!
    By the way – my favorite boy here is ALL, BUT, pic 5, second from the left (in about the middle row).

    • I wouldn’t say soccer’s not a big sport unless we’re only talking about the college and professional arenas (which you might be, idk) – but if we’re talking about boys (and girls too) – I think it’s actually the most popular sport (hence “soccer mom” has become the predominate term… instead of “football/baseball/basketball etc. mom.”

      Looking at these boys makes me sad, in a way, because I was never comfortable to be like this with other boys… I never felt like “one of the boys.” I am happy that these boys are getting that bonding though… it’s so beneficial to their emotional well-being.

      Thanks for posting alexavanhelsing <3

      • Soccer looks fun, but never played it myself. American football was the only thing my community supported. In fact, if you didn’t play you were an outsider!

        I know what you mean though, I never felt this comfortable around the boys either. Never did, I’m more of a one on one kind of guy. Although, small groups can be okay.

  2. . . . . Very Nice Post. The appreciation of Soccer in the USA continues to grow. I live in a rather small city and we already have 3 soccer fields. I Love the sport ! ! ! smile

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