10 thoughts on “Boys in their undies

  1. #2 – WOW! I would love to see more of him, he’s so dang cute! Looks comfy! I’m curious though, is that a speedo or underwear? You don’t see underwear like that here in America.

    #5 – oh how I wish I had been in sports more as a boy, I think it would have been both good health wise, but also good moments with friends. They are so cute!

    Kasper, thanks for your wonderful post submission!

  2. For me ,it’s a tie between #3 , #5 and #7..I think #7 is the one i like most in this selection..perfect ‘v’ !! Having said that,I like the attitude of the boy in pic #5 but i love the boy in the motorbike too..all great pics !

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