39 thoughts on “strong shell collector

  1. oh i wish he is my BF
    i wish i could go to world where u can be a BF with boys this age T^T id be happy .
    i’m 19 years old and i dont why i love boys but i cant do nothing about it .

  2. Great to see, he probably wasn’t aware of how desirable and beautiful he looks, a tragedy by itself. A boy that looks like that deserves all the attention and love he could receive and more! I definitely wouldn’t mind doing everything he ordered me to do laugh Except for a massage, there would be “strong” chances of me getting a heart attack, but I would do it anyway. laugh If someone knows more about this boy, then please share that with us here! smile

  3. He has been one of my favorites ever since I first saw him. Hall of Famer for sure! He is utterly beautiful, with a fantastic physique, and his speedo fits him perfectly. He’s a young beach god and I’m sure he was turning everyone’s heads – and he probably didn’t even know it!

    If only boys like this realized how gorgeous they are!


  4. Simonden love for children and boys is a gift from God! I’ve been married twice and my boys will always be my babies. I was a single parent hence the mother instinct I suppose. Love ’em!

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