36 thoughts on “nordic swimmer Paul :)

    • Oh, thank you. I feel really flattered now smile I don’t plan on setting up a new blog but I’m still posting a couple of pics on imgsrc (which seems to be one of the few places left where you can actually do that without getting nuked every other day). I still miss those good old tumblr days though. Tumblr used to be a great platform with a nice community.

  1. Wow he looks so delicate and cute… he must need lots of love and care in order to be happy… I sure hope someone is doing a very good job in spoiling him and giving him everything he wants, as he deserves nothing less, only more!!! smile <3

  2. shaian ;)

    hello nicolas .
    shame on wordpress sad . Guttedagger that was a really nice blog . i hope you will be back soon .

    hello sascha smile
    im pretty sure Paul feels comfortable here too because beauty of boys is the home of Most beautiful cute boys in all around the world laugh

  3. This boy is an example of a true “miracle” to me.
    When I see one like him, I think, “There is hope!”
    My own life has not been what I wanted when I was
    a boy. sad So I’m always wanting a boy now growing up
    to have a wonderful life.

    To me, without children, life would have little meaning.
    Boys (and a few girls) are the sunshine of my life. Just to
    see them happy gives me happiness.

    All I want for boys is their good health and happiness. That is
    enough for me to live by.

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