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I took these screen caps at the beginning of the month and forgot to post them. Another fun little “Name the Movie/Boy” Game. These are difficult, so I’ve posted some clues on the more difficult ones. Parker can’t play cuz he’s already seen them. ;)



2. A BBC Miniseries starring the awesome Dame Judi Dench


3. This movie is based on a popular children’s book


4. This movie stars Will Poulter from The Maze Runner


5. This late 90s film was directed by Joe Dante (Matinee, Gremlins)


6. This movie was directed by Robert Rodriguez (Shark Boy and Lava Girl)


7. This movie is a somewhat obscure Canadian film. The boy has been featured on the blog before.


8. This mid-80s film is another directed by Joe Dante and featured a young River Phoenix.


9. This lesser known thriller was also directed by Joe Dante. It shares its name with a 2001 film starring Keira Knightley.


10. A 2007 BBC production starring Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises).


12 thoughts on “Name the Movie/Boy

  1. 8: Looks like Explorers (1985)

    6: Shorts (Jimmy Bennett)

    10: I think it is William Miller, so it should be Oliver Twist (still need to see that one).

    I recogise 2 and 3, but can’t point them out.

  2. Simcah, I’ve failed again. Even after playing this with you via chat I can’t remember half the movie titles, but it looks like they’ve all been answered by more knowledgeable members. Thanks for posting the pics though, cute boys are always fun to look at.

  3. since no one answered some I will post all I know
    number 1 The client with Brad Renfro
    number 2 no idea since I dont have BBC
    Number 3 is the seeker with Alexander Ludwig it could also be race to witch mountain don’t see enough in the pic beside him.
    number 4 was answer and it is son of rambo name already on it
    Number 5 Also not posted but it is small soldiers a funny movie actor is Gregory Smith
    Number 6 is really the movie Short I approve the answer posted
    Number 7 is more difficult the movie is i Believe im not wrong on this ‘ I declare war ‘ actor is Gage munroe
    Number 8 Explorers of course I own this movie
    Number 9 is nathan gamble movie is the hole
    Number 10 is as one said oliver twist tv series.

    Got a great knowledge of movies lol especially if they have cute boys.

  4. Wow! I need to make these more difficult next time!

    Great game, everyone! Even though they’ve all mostly been posted, here are the answers.

    01. The Client (Brad Renfro)
    02. Cranford (Alex Etel)
    03. The Seeker (Alexander Ludwig)
    04. Son of Rambow (Bill Milner)
    05. Small Soldiers (Gregory Smith)
    06. Shorts (Jimmy Bennett)
    07. I Declare War (Gage Munroe)
    08. Explorers (Ethan Hawke)
    09. The Hole (Nathan Gamble)
    10. Oliver Twist (William Miller)

    • It is not that they were too easy some were but having worked in a video store for many years and loving cute boys as well just gives me extra knowledge on the matter. I’ll participate in next one you post as well if I see it.

      Thanks it was fun to test my memory.

    • I won’t say it is easy, but I try to look at 2 films (or a few episodes of such series) a day. Still got some work, but I am starting to get to know a lot of them. To most those are quite difficult.
      At the moment it is my favourite genre.

      • There is another canadian unknown movie with a cute boy in it called something like south of the moon or very similar to this title name of the boy is jake mcloud he’s another cutie worth mentioning.

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