18 thoughts on “Server-Moving

        • The new server is running already. Normally I must only change the DNS-Entries. But I am not sure, how long it takes until all worldwide public DNS-Servers have been updated.
          And I do not know if the new server really works, I think some things like mail shipping, I must reconfigure.
          But the the main features should running, I will start moving in 3hour. Firstly I have still one more lecture. sad

  1. I hope the site isn’t down too long, too. I don’t know if I could go any length of time without looking at super cute preteen boys.

  2. Will the web address still be the same? I’d be devastated if I lost track of this site! I get through my day, each day, because I know when I get home from work I can come here look at and dream about,(and Drool) boys! Sascha, if the address changes, would please send me an email so I can find you again?!
    Thank you!

  3. What do they are seening? I guess that I can imagine. When I had this age, I watched many hot movies with my friends and we played with each other while watching a film. It´s realy was good.

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