Some nice Lucas Triana pic’s

Hey guys, this is my first post, I hope you’ll like it.

For those who don’t know, Lucas Triana is a 13yo dancer, He is also the boy on my avatar.



09996d55dce532c166475ee62f6c1142 10808630_392157237616922_1252190649_n 10817620_694469094002429_102759628_n 10844268_322835874586264_1198472491_n 10903511_1542729522665475_2017388162_n
He knows it smile

boysdancetoo-BDTAAXRSA0512_BDT-Black-Lucas_Triana_3_large 10576012_470902753051015_150632203_n tumblr_static_7036321

I will post more of him or other dancers soon If you guys want smile


10 thoughts on “Some nice Lucas Triana pic’s

  1. A really girly, beautiful, cute and gay boy heart he won my affection with that third pic. His abdomen is so hot! a really fit boy for his young age. His eyes are so beautiful with that color and such long and gurly eyelashes. And he is really flexible, so that is a nice bonus, and i would like this dancer boy to dance for me one of these days, hehe. I bet he must have a lot of boys and girls behind him and that he ahs a boyfriend already.

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