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  1. Hello friends smile

    I just found this very nice site. Thank you very much for your nice comments, it makes me happy!
    Yet today I am sad, my new hard drive is fell and I’ve not had time to do backup.
    I managed to get some pictures but for the most …. I’m not optimistic smile : – (((
    My work a few years lost (2005-2015 !!!)
    I would of course other pictures but I was so happy with my last small especially those made in Asia 
    If you have a solution for my hard drive … thank you!

    If you are interested, you can visit my other site dedicated Girl Lover


    Sorry for my English and thank you Google Translation;-)
    See you soon


    • Hi LittleBouddha smile
      What a shame with your hard drive cry I am sure there was again contained so much pretty boys sad
      I really enjoy your work. I am regularly checking your imgsrc-account. Many thanks for your great work heart
      many greetings

      • Yes I had a lot of photos of handsome boys and pretty girls.
        now my hard drive still works, but for how long? I saved a few files. I hope to save as much as possible before the heads permanently stop reading because they are starting to make a lot of noise sad
        I must continue if I want again to post pictures….

    • Oh when your hard drive is still working a bit. Than you should fastly copy all you files to a other hard drive smile
      It would be so sad when all the pictures will lost ;( and you can not share them cry

  2. My hard disk is dead but with a recovery software, I saved some pictures of the hard drive from my old computer. Phew! I thought some of the pictures lost forever!
    I have lost all of my last pictures of seaside holiday and many pictures of the basin…

  3. Explicit hearth, two hearth fighters had been killed because of
    the insulated panel ceiling collapsing and poor visibility (Cooke, 1997).

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