16 thoughts on “Sporty Monday

  1. The last boy who is shirtless with the jeans laying by the pool is so friggin’ SEXY!!!!! Damn, what I wouldn’t give to bring him home with me. Look at his body and his gorgeous long brown hair. He makes me horny.

  2. all are gorgeous, but but my likes are
    #1..welcome to the show
    #3.. i agree, almost perfect boy beautiful picture
    #5.. soooo cute. I love shorts and legs..adorable
    #6..also…too cute
    thanks again for sharing these beautiful boys

  3. 1,5,7,8,9 in 1,8,9 I would love to be that mat and 7 I would love for him to be that bar. 5 has some a awesome body and nice feet would love to take those sneakers and socks of so I can lick and smell them inlove inlove hug hug heart heart

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