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Hello all!

Well I couldn’t think of a topic to post in and then I saw two pictures of boys in white undies and thought ‘why not‘. I also decided not to be super fussy so I wonder how many of the pictures suschax will not allow.. :P Anyhow, enjoy and don’t forget to leave topic suggestions in the comments, lemme know which picture was your favourite and leave cookies for suschax and his awesome work laugh



i18^cimgpsh_origtiju062 26546603NvU 11753433aAi 27057883qzL  tumblr_ltjdd7VrDe1qdzxr0o1_ Damon White Tiger Underwear (261)

25 thoughts on “Random topic: white

  1. Wow thanks so much for sharing these cuties. The problem is I can’t pick a favorite. Everyone is so perfect. Each boy is so cute so pretty. They all look so amazing in undies.

  2. @Oldman54 That’s “Logan” with his brother “Spencer” they’re both Tiger Underwear models have been for awhile now far as I know “Logan” moved on to the Teen category whilst “Spencer” still in boy category! “Spencer” now age 13 if I recall correctly?!!? I myself always had (have) a total crush on “Spencer” think he’s a total hawty!!

  3. I like number 5 boys position but I have to choose number 2 he looks so cute lying there I also like number ones abs the things I would do to them

  4. Thanks so much!!Hard to pick just one,Yes,I am greedy..hahaha…I ‘d have to have one,five and certainly the last pic…very very hot..thanks so muchsmile

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