21 thoughts on “Chillin’

  1. Pictures 4,7,8,9,&10 I like! Picture number 4 because they’re so so skinny and I really like skinny boys! 10 because think most of us want to know what that soccer ball’s hiding!

  2. #1, what a lazy relaxing day he must be having! To be resting on a boat in nothing but his birthday suit while reading… wish I could be there too!

    #2, he too is beautiful. Would love to see him play a little more on the playground! Wonder if he would loose his shirt?!

    #4, They are a cute set of boys. Would totally rough house with both of them! Might offer to help them into something a little less “baggy” though!

    #6, I’m not sure if I’d like to see more of the one riding or the one giving the ride, but both look fun! I can’t help but wonder if the one riding is “getting excited..”

    #8, I think number 8 and number 1 should get on the same boat and follow the lead of number 1 with the clothes optional thing!

    #9, I would so love to just tickle his belly!

    Kasper, thank you so much for these boys!

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