Mika from Mika :-D

Hello my friends!
Today I want to introduce you to Mika.
He is one of my favorite Model Boys.
What I know he originally comes from Finland, but now lives in Spain.

Enjoy ;)

Mika 1

Mika 2

Mika 3

Mika 4

Mika 5

Mika 6

Mika 7

Mika 8

Mika 9

Mika 10

16 thoughts on “Mika from Mika :-D

  1. His smile and body reminds me of someone I once knew….and loved ! He is beautiful. Can I have him ? ??? ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this beautiful boy ! !

  2. Ohhh yessss i will enjoy fantasizing while looking at him….mmmm mmmm. I rather wish he was really with me while i…… Omg…. Its very hard to type and …..

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