Washing up

I had to look in my collection to find these, but Lover made me think about this vid of Dutch boys. I added some photo’s to complete the post.

Tell a boy to wash up and he won’t like it, but if you tell them they are to dirty to take a shower inside and they have to take their shower under the garden hose in the yard they will love it.

Sorry for the low quality, this film dates before the time of HD…

Sascha: if you think the picture named ‘wash8’ is to much: feel free to leave it out.









13 thoughts on “Washing up

  1. Lovely post. Many thanks smile Just I have found a new function so I can mark separate pictures as private smile So your pic wash8 is only visible for member smile

    This seems to be a big series or not?
    Because I think I have seen the boy in white in an other member post, too. He has so an awesome body. If you or anyone has more of him, please share smile

  2. Hi Jo,

    Cute video and pics.

    Sure sounds Flemish to me what the boys are talking.

    I wonder whether the boy with the orange neckerchief is a boy scout or with the Chiro youth. Well, the Chiro is actually a Belgian scout-like youth group, but Belgians do speak Vlaams as well, don’t they?

    • They are Flemish and Scouts. (one of the 5 belgian scouting federations).
      Next to the scouting the other main youthgroups are Chiro, KSA, KLJ, …
      Vlaams (Flemish) is a kind of Dutch, spoken in the North of Belgium, down south they speak french and a tiny part speaks german.

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