31 thoughts on “Look @ my legs (6)

    • I did because some time ago, I had issues uploading the images in original size. And I prepared this post some days ago and resized the pics. In the newer posts i will try again to upload the original files!

      • @Kasper: in my most recent set I’ve resized the pictures from 7MB to around 1MB a picture (res 4400×3300 to 1700×1300), on the site they are further downsized to around 50KB.

        • just for info.
          The wordpress system created thumbnails of any picture which is larger then 660px.
          Because the blog theme needs just 660px, larger pics firstly had to transfered to your browser and there resized by your browser,
          so that it fits in the blog. This would increase the loadingtime, traffic and the visitors cpu load. And it would not increase the image quality, because the blog can only show 660px.
          But when you use the normal way to insert pictures in a post, then wordpress does link any picture larger than 660px to the original version. So when you click on the image in the blog, the server will serve you the original photo on a new site and you can enjoy and downlaod the picture in High Resolution. Therfore you can always upload the picture in original quality if you can smile

          • So it might be my browser. On most of the posts I only get can get the first picture in normal resolution, the rest won’t go to the bigger one (since all pictures are usually hosted on your site).

            Might be a bug with my FF.

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