45 thoughts on “Random Saturday

  1. I’ll start with pic 1 – can I offer a massage to help with whatever issue he’s got?

    Pic 2 – why are they wearing diapers? I’m not complaining, I’m just curious why they would be.

    Pic 6 – I’d help with that scratch!

    Pics 4 and 8 are my favs!
    Nice post man!

  2. Random…Last pic…..”Dear mum…Regards from a farm……Love this farm and to work here. I dont wanna go back to school. It will be nice to meet you in a few weeks mum…..Hugo from farmer teds house……Hugo…..Dont eat the forbidden fruit…..Hugo…P.S. Farmer ted is a strange man…

  3. i got so sticky… and i have so much to comment about this master piece of post
    pic 2: what is beter than a boy in diaper? 4 handsome boys in cute diapers!
    pic 4: you know my motto “a sissy boy is a good boy” so yes, he passes my good boy test
    pic 5: oh boys this days, always having the hots, and they start fingering a such young age..
    pic 6:perfectly showcases a boy’s curiosity and discovery of his own body.And what a fit body
    last pic: assy likes them big (both behind and infornt) and cute undies. I bet he is looking in the mirror because he is getting ready to meet me

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