42 thoughts on “Boys want to see his friends underwear :)

  1. I used to do this in my PE lessons ! I loved to look up the other boys shorts when they were on the climbing frame or whatever !

    PE is Physical Education by the way !

  2. My favorite PE activity was Swim day! my school Middle school had an indoor heated Pool, and the boys swim day Fridays no swimsuits required! 7 th grade was lots of fun for me, because I was 2 yrs. behind in school so I was 15, and all the other boys 12 and 13! :o

  3. PE was never much fun for me as I was very small for my age and I was also very shy so the other boys would tease me and make fun of me in the showers .But it was fun to watch the other boys walk around naked and compare them with each other !

    If only we could go back in time somehow !!

  4. these are great photos, I love seeing boys getting their pants/ trousers pulled down. I could and did pull boy’s pants down myself as a teenager but can’t get away with that now!

  5. Sweet boys and their games! I hit puberty at 10, but growing up in a Christian elementary school, the showers went completely unused during gym class. I often wonder what it would have been like to attend a public elementary school.

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