31 thoughts on “blond and sporty boy from Germany :)

  1. Wow to me he is everything that makes a boy so attractive. Cute face, nice hair, nice slim and fit body, nice legs, he’s playful and sporty. Overall totally attractive to me.

  2. refined + flawless. Euroboys. Nice anckles. Ps, I relly enjoy + glad I found this site (blog). Does anyone have images from (non nude preteen models ?)Pls could send me. Any or all. (Archive images). Thk u.

  3. Love the boy in the red Borussia Dortmund trunks.

    Dortmund may just as well get the Bundesliga Cup this year (soccer)

    T’was about time, that Bayern Munich got kicked out of the cup!

  4. smile Indeed! Lovely boy; fetching legs…
    If it was not stated he was from Germany, he could just as easily be an American boy. When I was in Germany, boys like him would have been wearing kurze lederhosen, which made them look even cuter…

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