British cutie Elliott Hanna – from Billy Elliot The Musical

British boys are my Achilles tendon. Listening to their accent melts my poor BL heart. This one sings and dances, the complete package. I just loved the musical and, of course, Elliott Hanna. He is so sweet, cute and good actor/dancer. I highly recommend, worth watching.

16 thoughts on “British cutie Elliott Hanna – from Billy Elliot The Musical

  1. He’s definitely a cutie! Bet he’s got tight behind from all the dancing he does?!?! I like his British accent too! Would like to see him shirtless to see how skinny he actually is! BIG thanks for sharing the video! smile

    • Indeed, there are many actors who play Billy, but Elliott is simply adorable, I love his cute little face and white skin. I have read that he is not in the cast anymore as he’s gone off to school. But if you look for “Billy Elliot The Musical” on Blu-Ray or on-line, this is the cutie you’ll find. It’s uplifting watching it.

  2. I think I am in love with this boy. Gosh, I would love to spend a cold day under the blankets with him in my arms. Just watching movies, hugging him, smelling the scent of his hair, feeling the heat of his body, the texture of his skin, give him caresses… I could die happy then.

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