my underwear

Sorry for the title, I planned to mislead you, but he has my underwear on his head (which is actually his underwear).

This happens what happens when you let them dress their selves. They are creative.
And those blond boys with brown eyes are usually really nice.

And a little point I am trying to make. Although this boy is below my aoa with his 7 years, I wouldn’t mind giving him a big hug and watching him for a while why we slay dragons, rescue princesses, follow in the footsteps of Livingstone, visit the martians and chase other fantasies boys make up.





Look, I’ve dressed myself.




Happy, happy, happy, happyund7

Can you really say no to him?



And as a reference: that’s how his mom dresses him.

und10 kopie

27 thoughts on “my underwear

  1. I agree Jo, definitely below my AoA too, but I’d love to play with him and watch him play as he does all those things you suggested, slay dragons etc. He is very cute and in a few years will be a heart breaker.

  2. awwwwww what a little cutie smile I would love to help him with clothing. And his mom has a very nice taste, he looks so amazing in the last pic.
    It is a very lovely post, thanks for sharing with us JO inlove

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