Smash those eggs

Back in the days we used to play a game called ‘smash the eggs’. You put an egg into your trunks and the other one has to smash or break the egg. This barbaric game often goes wrong with someone being hit in the wrong ‘eggs’ and having a great deal of pain. Apparently they still play this game. These kids are a little more careful, not smashing but trying to crush it.

The little boy is indeed the same boy as in ‘my underwear’ ( ) and is completely overpowered in this game by his bigger and heavier friend.

smash egg1

smash egg2

smash egg3

smash egg4

Please get your mind out of the gutter ;)

smash egg5

smash egg6

smash egg7

smash egg8

Total submission…
smash egg9

And for those who like them a little older (he should be around 9 or 10) and has fabulous legs.

Many thanks to social media… to be continued.

26 thoughts on “Smash those eggs

  1. many thanks Jo smile WHat a nice game laugh
    It was certainly invented by a BL laugh
    I hope in the second last picture he did not crush the wrong egg smile

    The younger boy is such a sweetie. In the second picture, he’s so cute with that little blue pants. But yeah the older boy is nice too, especially in the last pic laugh

    You should definitely click on the pictures to see it in full size ;)

    • Getting a bit technical, but only the last boys is a cub scout. The little ones are ‘kapoentjes’. (I don’t know where they found the name since a ‘kapoen’ is a cock (male chicken) that was castrated before adulthood, but I’ll think it comes from the inofficial meaning and that could be translated to ‘naughty children’, but in a loving way).
      The cub scouts are 3th till 5th graders.

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