17 thoughts on “Braces 6

  1. @Kaypi. Thanks for posting.
    At first I thought #8 was gonna be my choice, but then I saw #9 and thought it’s gotta be him, but you still had one more trick up your sleeve, #10. He is to die for, he is my favorite. I love the messy blond hair and beautiful smile. He is very fit and appears to be right in my AoA. But i would mind being a friend to any of them, they are all cute.

  2. awwww boys with braces are soooo incredible cute smile
    my absolute favourites are #1, the left boy in #4 and the middle boy in #7
    Or are #4 an #7 the same boys ????
    In any case they are gorgeous. many thanks for posting smile

  3. Wow, I LOVE boys with braces. They scream, “I am a boy.” I want the renegade boy (#8) with the brown hair. He’s a doll and right in my AOA (sixth-grade?).

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