7 thoughts on “For Hard Rock Lovers

  1. Omg I really enjoyed the video! When young boys sing it sounds like Angeles! For truthfully that is what they definitely are! I enjoyed it because they sung the song with their heats! You can feel it in yours! Providing you have one? Very BIG thanks for sharing!!!

  2. They were originally called the St.Philips boy choir and I have their original CD’s and their more recent CD’s and DVD’s.
    I have seen them in concert, as well as, the VBC, the American boy choir, the St John’s boy choir and the St. Michael’s boy choir which was by far, the best of them all.
    If you have never been to a boy choir concert then you are missing out on one of the world’s few earthly pleasures.
    There is a website site called the BCSD or Boy Choir Soloist Directory where they list upcoming concerts hopefully in your area.

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