Oops… forgotten!

Hi everybody,

Don’t panic because of all those words! Is there gonna be any picture in this post? Yes there is, just one, at the bottom. But it would be very kind if you continued reading before looking at the lovely picture at the end of the story. smile

Yesterday, I scrolled back in time, watching previous posts here on the blog, especially those that were published by Sascha on the homepage. My finger was hurting, but it went on and on. Finally it ended. A post made on the 1st of March 2014. That’s when Sascha started here to mess our lives up, in a positive way.  For over a year now he is doing a hell of a job, being host of this fantasic blog and he provides us the chance to share all our findings (lovely legs, beachboys, tummies, selfies, …) on the web with each other too. Exactly two months ago, it was this blogs first anniversary. And we forgot to celebrate that. So, we are going to do that right now.

Sascha, congratulations with the first anniversary of this blog! Happy (blog)birthday. I think I will speak for all of us when I say you do a magnificent job! Let’s make a toast. To Sascha and his blog!


(When my English isn’t correct all the time, blame it on the drinks and the boys that are distracting me every time again here!)

21 thoughts on “Oops… forgotten!

  1. Sasha I love you. You have helped me so much in the last 12 months to express myself in a way a thought I would never be able to. I am a BL who loves this blog more than anything else on the web. Please keep it going not just for me but all our BL friends worldwide !!. If you ever need a donation please let me know as I am very willing. Thank-You so much Indeed and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! Love Nellie xx

    • Yes you are right, before this blog was reachable via boysblog.in but I have restored the old blog here under /bob , so the first post here is the actual first post from boysblog.in too smile

  2. wow how time flies smile Many thanks Kasper, for this lovely post. I forget the one year anniversary too :sad:
    But now I know the 1 March is the birthday party
    I hope the blog will reach the beautiful boys age of 12 years too. smile

    In the last time we also cracked the 10 million views mark. It makes me happy to see so many nice people can enjoy the beauty of boys like me. And I met so many lovely people here and with some I am now good friends smile

    And thanks again Kasper for your nice present hug
    Because he spend some time to create a beautiful header image for the blog.inlove

    I will tomorrow integrate it hug

  3. Yep .. well said .. you can tell the love and hard work put into this for us and glad to see its getting well deserved comments .. if you can do all this in 1 year imagine the next 12 years

  4. Congratulations on such a successful and wonderful blog, Sascha! Thank you so much for running it. This is a beautiful site and we all love visiting it.

    Big cheers! smile

  5. Here here! Many thanks to you @saschax99 for creating this environment of acceptance and friendship. Thank you for keeping it tastefully enjoyable. Thank you for all your hard work. I appreciate all you do and how this place is given daily attention. You are special to me!

  6. ありがとうございます, サシャーさん!
    Thank you very much, Sasha-San!

    I knew about this forum a little bit but never have the gall to join until recently. From what i can see, you’ve created a safe place for BL’s everywhere to come together and find community with like minded individuals.
    People throw the P word around at us but here it is safe, we can admire these beautiful boys and no one is being harmed.
    Again, thank you so very much. smile

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