35 thoughts on “Relaxing Sunday

  1. Doesn’t #8 have a nice smile (although he is just smiling barely) ? And #6 is as pretty as a lilly with that blond hair and everything, #3 has smooth elegance, #7 shows how I like little elbows knees and ankles, etc. and #2 looks so comfortable…a hug would feel as good as that couch. Just think- all summer long is ahead for happy days.

  2. Relaxing…..Pic 2 My BoyDream..”BABY give me a kiss !..( Collection anonyme). Pic 5…Sexy BB…BoyButts…..Pic 6..Wanna share bed with me boy?….Pic 7….Early morning…Ted and 2 of his COWS…….regards farmer ted.

  3. The number 4 us my favourite, he is so cute and gorgeous… He is very beautiful… I Want to be his boy friend…
    Very nice legs…❤️

  4. Oh my god! Number 3! What a pose, and what a body! I love the fact that he’s covering his face and eyes so I won’t be distracted from his gorgeous torso by a pretty face, and so he can’t notice my staring endlessly at his body.

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