30 thoughts on “Done!

  1. I fully agree with Trey – he is beautiful. Fantastic chest and muscles … no wonder he seems proud to be showing it off to the world !
    Please more of this stunner ?

  2. @hfj – definitely more of him would be wonderful smile I’m still learning my AOA – and trying to guess ages of the beautiful boys posted here – what would you guess for this stud?

  3. Here in my city has much the same boy, I have a dele.Ele photos is 10 years and arms and muscular chest. Well like this photo … I will try to see if I put a picture of it here. gamer4 drinks

  4. He’s absolutely smashing. Strong fists, hard-as-stone forearms, meaty biceps, big shoulders, developed chest and flat abs, cavernous arm pits. He’s gonna be a champion and win loads of hearts.

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