Riley Swim part 1

The first 10 pictures of the Riley Swim set. The best pictures are further into the set!

DSC00478 DSC00510 DSC00509 DSC00508 DSC00507 DSC00495 DSC00494 DSC00493 DSC00492 DSC00479

10 thoughts on “Riley Swim part 1

  1. As in anything additional, some things make it better and on or with another make it worse. Like scars. Some scars on some are sexy. On others, braces are are uglifying. This guy is cute here. I see monster-looks from braces and also some animals in the wild from braces. Hard to say. Why do people insist on decorations of so many kinds ?!?! DUH. What do I know. I think to try and fail is better than refusing all attempts.

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