9 thoughts on “Summercamp #10

    • In the beginning of the game one person stands in the middle with his legs open. The rest of the group stands on one side and they have to cross to the other side of the field, but they all have to pass between the legs. The one who passes last has to stand in front for the next turn, until there is only one person left. With kids of this age the game is still rather soft, but the older they get the more painful it gets, cause sometimes they don’t go low enough when they jump between the legs. And it is more than likely that at one time there are 6 people between the legs or trying to pass between the legs. Game can be played by all ages (youthgroups here mainly consist of people between 6 and 25yo).

      • what a sweet game smile It looks like that the super cutie was the beginning person in the middle smile and the moment of that pic he could have a bit pain laugh he is so incredible cute smile

  1. Many thanks Jo for that lovely post again smile I love the brothers and our little cutie in the blue shorts laugh From the new introduced boys my favourite is the first. he is so nice slim and cute smile

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