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  1. YEaaahh I do know one movie laugh
    The last is “In a better world” or in german “In einer besseren Welt” I know it because I saw that nice movie some weeks ago laugh
    The right boy is so amazing smile
    but #3, #5 , #7 are my favourites here too smile

    • That is correct.

      For some reason you’ve picked out all the french movies…

      I did pick out some some of my personal favourite films with great boys.

      N°1 is from the USA
      N°2 is Norwegian
      N°3 is French
      N°4 Polish
      N°5 French
      N°6 USA
      N°7 French
      N°8 & 9 South African
      N°10 Danish

  2. I have played this game. and I suck at it. If guessing them was a requirement to being a BL I would have to turn in my membership card. lol

    But they are some cute boys.

  3. I haven’t a clue on any of them! Agreement that they’re cute indeed! I at times go onto YouTube and watch movies form different countries! I don’t understand anything said but it’s totally ok long as there’s a cute boy to look at throughout the movie!!

  4. not found here….but a great Movie……” barnens ö “….by Kay Pollak…after P.C. Jersilds book…..SVENSKA FILMINSTITUTET……WOW !!!!

  5. I will post number 9 but i dont have time to do the rest its late and need to get to bed if answers are not posted tomorrow evening ill put some more

    Number is the Power of one from the 1990s GREAT MOVIE
    i think the kid in that pic was Guy Witcher the movie was throught many years so the actor changed a few time for same role different ages

    I will look at the rest tomorrow but im pretty sure without looking it up also that number 1 is the movie CHEF kid being emjay anthony

  6. 2. Yohan – Barnervardrer
    3. Crin blanc – Le cheval sauvage AKA White Mane, boy Alain Emery
    4. Czarne stopy
    5, ? Cache Cash with boy Aurelien Wiik
    8. and 9. The Power of One
    10. ? Haewen AKA In a Better World

    • Congrats. All correct.

      N° 2 is Robin Pedersen Daniel in Yohan – Barnevandrer
      N°3 is completely correct
      N°4 is correct (english title black feet)
      N°5 is correct
      N° 8 and 9 are The Power of One with Guy Witcher (8) and Simon Fenton (9)
      N°10 is Hævnen (english title in a better world) with William Jøhnk Nielsen and Markus Rygaard

  7. #1 I want to say that’s the kid from “Chef”, but I’m not sure on this one.
    #6 Jem Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird”
    #8 and #9 are both P.K. from “The Power of One”

    That’s all I know.

    • is it french from france or maybe french canadian because I think I have seen this boy before but i cant recall and rarely watch french from france movies

  8. interesting because i have been trying to get that last movie but noone is seeding so I didnt get a chance to see it yet. Not sure I will either the way its been going

  9. I would like to see a frontal view of the boys in picture 4, please make sure I can see the uniform buttons. I know, weird isn’t it.

  10. Please where can I watch #7 Tu Seras Un Homme? It’s an amazing movie, I saw the trailers and it’s awesome! But I can’t find it online sad

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