17 thoughts on “Showing muscles (2)

  1. Love the post, especially the hockey players in the locker room. Would love to watch them undress! ;) I really like how you can see the cup on the one and wonder if the other has a cup in those Under Armors!

  2. LOOOOOVE to see a well-muscled up young bull…ALL boys should be lifting…the heavy weights…nothing like HUGE muscles to make a boy feel confident…avoid bullies…MORE Please…!!!

  3. Flexing muscles is natural to boys. I love flexing mine, as you can see from my profile picture (34cm, 14yo). We compared our muscles with #7 and decided to arm wrestle. After a short struggle, he won. Then he quickly tackled me and took me down to the ground and used all his weight and strength trying to press my shoulders onto the ground. For a while I resisted. My hands slided up and wrapped around his arm muscles. They were thick, tight, smooth and firm – much firmer than mine have ever been, and provided him with inexhaustible source of energy. The other boys from the set were in the same room and were cheering for him. He drained every drop of strength from my muscles and finally I gave in. My shoulders touched the floor. I was pinned. He sat on my stomach, smiled and flexed again his perfect egg-shaped biceps, filled his fully developed chest with air and tightened his flat abs, celebrating his well deserved victory gainst me. Then the boys meaured his flexed biceps – it was 35cm and he was 13. We became frends and wrestle occasionally shirtless. He always pins me.

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