14 thoughts on “boys i like

      • He was a boy model for the now debunked azov site! he made a lot money for all the pics they took of him, and he used some of the money to buy a small SUV, not sure of the make and model, but he bought the car at age 15 or 16 and drove the it until he crashed it at 19, causing his death.
        He was mourned by millions of followers! cry

  1. We know number one needs as much attention as the blue number three. The feminists want such expressions of the ‘male totem’ [penis] cut at the tip and the ‘revolvers’ [testicles] ‘salved’ for feminine self reproduction. The entire LGBTQ ‘movement’ hates us all. Such as one and three all excites me, I am an enemy of LGBTQ and they hate me. ✊ ✌ the male.

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