Dylan Kingwell

Dylan is a canadian actor, he stars the show The Returned, as Victor, a very cute, and scary boy! Highly recomended show! smile I love his eyes!

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25 thoughts on “Dylan Kingwell

  1. I think I am in love with this boy. Gosh, I would love to spend a cold day under the blankets with him in my arms. Just watching movies, hugging him, smelling the scent of his hair, feeling the heat of his body, the texture of his skin, give him caresses… I could die happy then.

  2. I love Dylan and I have the series on my DVR. Haven’t watched it yet. But I saw Dylan in the previews and I knew I had to watch the show if only to see more for him.

    Thanks for posting Daniel.

    • Same here Parker lol… chuckle The first time I saw the commercial previews for the Returned I saw this boy and I said to myself I don’t care what the shows about im going to record it just to see who that boy is!Hes a doll! hug

  3. He is so Adorable!!!! I’ve seen the show but he looks kinda different and I dident find him cute but seeing these new pics…just awesome!!! Heheh he is Canadian to!!…I wonder if he lives in the lower mainland. smile

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