11 thoughts on “Even Mo’ Brothaz

  1. I love them all so much. But #5,6 are so perfect. So dreamy. I love the large group of cute studs wow. Thank you for sharing these sexy,pretty cute boys with us.

      • Nice pictures. I still like the others. I desire the refuse to use the terms bro and brother. My lover was a sweet mouse bug, as I call him, age eleven, and I was moose, as he calls me, as one of the white school bullies call me then. I never understand the term ‘brother’ but think of such as bull when hear it back then. I cry as I lose my bug in the next school [ grade seven] and I become a white boh and he a black, he more than passing the paper bag test but the black paper test too. Too black for some, I white automatic. He walks away from me. I cry to this day recalling that. He looks back as he walks away and turns forward and, but, never, ever does he return my love. I find another, a white boh. Which is a hint as to how I discern the notion and where I get that name and its spelling.

  2. Merci pour ces garçons dorés, on n’en voit trop peu sur tous les blogs. J’aime tous les garçons, de toutes les couleurs et sous tous les cieux, mais j’ai une préférence pour les blacks et les métisses. Sur mes cinq fils, quatre sont Africains.

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