Ok, in my country there are multiple youthgroups, ofcourse the scouts are better, but the boys in other youthclubs (including KLJ and KSA) aren’t bad either. Here I’ll present the Chiro. A picture sais more than a thousand words. So here we go.

Chiro 1-1

Chiro 1-2

Chiro 1-3

Chiro 1-4

Chiro 1-5

Chiro 1-6

Chiro 1-7

Chiro 1-8

Chiro 1-9

Chiro 1-10

10 thoughts on “Chiro?

  1. I love number 5 I would love to be the girl in the back I wonder if she gets lucky the boy is so cute he has a nice tan would love to see him shirtless

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