27 thoughts on “your first boy crush

  1. The first pic is obviousley Leif Garrett,is that right ? He was a dreamboat..I have a vinyl picture disc by him called I was made for dancing which is a great disco track ,I bought it in 1979 I think.
    The second pic looks like that cute kid from Happy a Days but I could be wrong !

  2. Scott B list Celebrity! Leif same deal! Leif drug issues etcetera appears on Somking Gun World’s Dumbest show! Scott had reality show! Never liked either one! Definitely cuter boys from late 70s into 80s tv shows / movies!

  3. Great pics Barry and they bring back fond memories of a much simpler time. but they are actually older than me so I was never interested in them as sex symbols. As shared in the forum Ricky Schroder (Silver Spoons) was my first crush.

      • @Barry0256, Sorry, I wasn’t trying to make you feel bad, but I’ll be 50 in July. Per IMDB Scott will be 55, Sept 22 and Leif will be 54, Nov. 8. So there isn’t a big difference between them and me, but they are older and would have been out of my AoA 12-15,16 before I even had hair on my balls. lol

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