17 thoughts on “Scotty #2

  1. Hey daniel
    do you have a link with full sets of scotty? I look now a long time for this pictures and also sonny and cody! Thx

    • Yes, I do have links for some sets of “the new 3” boys…but I will make some posts about them, so send me a PM, so when i finish posting about this 3 boys, I can send you the links for the complete sets

  2. Yes truly one of the cutest faced boys out there!! At such a young age he oozes sex appeal! He has the ability to look (and he is)so young yet so sophisticated! He is truly gifted with his photogenic face and body.Hes a natural in front of the camera! Rarely is that seen! Its natural and cannot be taught! Scotty is one of a kind! for sure! I love this kid! heart hug inlove joy blush Beautiful,gorgeous,sexy,alluring yet innocent! What an adorable little doll! Someday when I grow up laugh Id love it if my kids came out this gorgeous and fabulous!!!!

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