21 thoughts on “athletic Sunday :)

  1. One of the sexiest, all-around good looking, most spectacularly well built boys ever photographed. I try not to objectify boys I’m attracted to, but I would be thinking of nothing but his beauty and his body if I were with him. I’d buy a pool just so he could be my live-in pool boy.

  2. I can not figure why love him. I can not after several years. reading all the above gives clues, or seem to, but I can not figure a why there is pure love. Three dots on his cheek or the hair cut bangs even as wet or the tips standing out on top as he is dry. For me, it is not his belly button. He has no innocent look and he seems quite aware of his appeal. It is not his genitals nor his bunch. NO WAY ==> BUT he is as nice to me as … I think people hate him for his absolute ALEXANDER. Mee love him absolute and useless. drinks dash

  3. bt is so right… this hottie does remind me of jura… such innocent eyes and a great body.
    i do hope this boy has a happy life, i’ve heard that bad things have happened to jura though i don’t pretend to know if that’s reality or just a terrible rumor.

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