my first ( i hope you all like)

this is Tommy, I know it is different to most pics on here, but I think that boys in diapers are just as cute too.

A freind of mine from here “bullseye” told me about this place, so THANK you to him.


I hope you like the pics.


bad badger

someones damp

someones damp

nice view....?

nice view….?

cheeky grin

cheeky grin

talk about draining it

talk about draining it

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31 thoughts on “my first ( i hope you all like)

    • thank you to all for the comments ( good and not so good) I will try to put stuff up that you will all like over the future, but if anyone wants anything special or in-particular please let me know by messaging me.

  1. Hi badbadger. I think the problem might be that this boy seems too old to be still wearing diapers and drinking from a baby’s bottle and using a pacifier. He just looks weird in that high-chair. Just not age-appropriate.

    He’s a cute boy and would certainly look much better being his age. Just saying …

    • i still wear them (have to due to car accident) and have been in them again since I was 12, I actually kinda like them too, after all i never miss a part of a movie at the cinema for toilet break, and dont need to stop when on long journeys…lol

      but thank you for you coment, and Tommy was 5 or 6 here, I know a few boys that age that still wear diapers, ok for bed only, but there is nothing wriong with them wearing them.

  2. He is a cute boy and remains that in any outfit he is wearing. The diaper covers as much if not more than some of the speedo pictures so unless you know that he doesn’t need them, just enjoy or if you don’t like them, move on. Thanks for posting.

  3. What a cute baby boy! A boy this deserves to be treated like a baby. He looks specially cute in pictures 9 and 10 with his pacifier and milk bottle. I totally loved this post! too bad i found it some months later, but still, thank you really much for sharing! I think this blog is mising more diaper baby boy posts, in my opinion and taste.

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