Michael Jackson’s Boys

Michael Jackson sure had many friends who were young boys. He even built an estate for them called Neverland, a place where boys never grow up. How cool is that !


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    • I agree with you. Maybe he was a boy-lover, like us, but not a child molester? From our perspective, that’s not hard to imagine at all. It’s completely relatable to me (I’m with you, MJ!).

      Or maybe it had nothing to do with attraction at all. And he was simply relating to the inner boy he once was, and wanted to share that grandness of child-stardom as he had, but in a fatherly-instinct way.

      However, the truth is that, no matter how much ordinary people like us want to take sides, none of us know what really happened.

  1. 2nd pic from top left is actor Cory Feldman with MJ. About mid way down on far right, that boy was the 1st boy to accuse MJ of molesting him, it was said the boy described certain blemishes on MJ’s Privates, which would have got a conviction , had the case gone to trial! Mj had that skin disorder that people of color sometimes get, it causes a loss of pigment, MJ used makeup to cover exposed skin, or with clothing, hence, the single white or diamond studded glove! I think it was more the parents seeing dollar $ign$!

  2. No offence, I have a huge problem with Michael Jackson bringing boys into his home. Like an above comment, it’s okay to like boys like we all do but the things that later came out about him were just wrong especially the blemishes on his privates I think; which would have been enough to put the King of Pop away.

    I love boys but I would NEVER force anyone to do something they didn’t wanna do.

    • There is no prove he molested a boy, its easy to call him that after his death. Why didnt they never mention it before? And I heard one of the accusers said that because his dad wanted.
      I personnaly dont believe he forced a boy to do things. He loved boys, he spend lots of time with boys. But I am not sure if he really was a BL, he didnt have a childhood.

      • I read somewhere that one of the reasons MJ ran out of cash towards the end of his life was the number of pay offs he had to make to the family’s of boys he had allegedly molested.And there were certainly stories of him booking whole hotel suites and inviting loads of boys back.
        But,of course,it’s all hear say now so I guess the truth about MJ will never come out.

    • there were no private things. ”blemishes on his privates” did not exist — other wise they would be as evidence simple. I do not like MJ but hate his horrors and he is a set up by the black church as he hates them and never give them assent so to speak

  3. When I was 13 we knew a priest that coached cyo basketball. He was really great to hang with, go buy a pizza take us to the movies. He also had a place in Wildwood that rumors were legendary. Never once did he ever lay a hand on us, we all knew what he was. I could accept the many offers to the shore and politely turned them down each time. My grandfather used to tell. ” son, if you want to play you’re gonna pay. These kids knew what they were getting into as well most of the co called victims that have come out of the woodwork in the catholic church. It’s all about the money. They chose to put themselves in that situation and I’m sure most of the patents also knew. For those of familiar with Hollywood, this stuff has been going on for years. You want your kid in pictures, sure take him to my trailer. This country is so f…ing naive.

    • You might say it is ten thousand years … and say it is about who pays who and how they pay. No man nor any adult what ever takes me nor uses me sexually for his nor her at ever such a way, no way at all such an end nor any such start. no way at all, no physicality at all but a shoulder touch and a hand shake, no more, emphatically so declare me here. I am aware of the intents of them as any hand on the leg. NO CREEP UP. NEVER DOES SUCH HAPPEN IN MY LIFE. ”This country is so f…ing naive.” you write wow is the world so full of hate … even my cat runs away …

      • I was gay at age five. I remember HIS name to this day as he walked down the stairs. I cried out. Michael Jackson never in a million dollars did anything to a white boy … they hate him for his likes, not his tastes … the Blacks hates him and are as rasist as the creatoes of race. As they say, you remember him anyway ☺☻♪♫ !

    • He made boy loving famous. He paid for its. He hurt no one. I hate him as the femiinixzyt world make him hate me. I am aware od the oddity. Fuck a monky but do not have a million dollars. MJ I like for a few songs . The black churches hate him for ‘mauling’ boys, es[ecially white boys ( no further comment required, rascist nor otherwise ). . They and especially the black they ( who hate being called black and really hate beind a they ) protestantia hate MJ as he likes WHITE BLOND boys. as if. ♫♪☼♂ R I P and fuck them all. Fuck a buck

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