A very beautiful boy :)

Hi guys, I found the time to make a post today smile image image image image image image image image image

so… I found this cute boy and when I saw him I wanted to share him, I found him way to cute…his skin looks so soft, and his face is sweet and adorable, I also love his blue eyes smile dont you think he is a beautiful boy?


12 thoughts on “A very beautiful boy :)

  1. Ah these French brothers have been haunting us for about a year! Most of the pictures (probably taken by the ‘big hairy bloke’ ie dad) are taken at freckled one’s 8th birthday party (pizza and ice cream if you want to know). I have seen one other photograph of the older brother massaging his dad’s back posted here recently but no more, like everyone else we would like to see more of this delightful pair!

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