mixed camp #12

Miahboy1: made me think of this series. One of my personal favourites…

I call him jesus boy (and there are a few more of the set). I do worship him.

camp 12-7

camp 12-8

And he is a tree hugger/lover
camp 12-6

And a pole dancer?
camp 12-10

And he has a good taste in friends
camp 12-11

camp 12-12

But even our dream boys have to go to sleep and put on their PJ’s. And show them off.
camp 12-13

And some friends want to see a bit more.
camp 12-15

And I’ve got the feeling he doesn’t mind (and is quite proud of himself).
camp 12-14

Anyone still doesn’t like scout boys (and yes, this is a cubscout)?

26 thoughts on “mixed camp #12

  1. awwww I love jesus boy, yesterday i had no time to enjoy all the great new posts.
    He is so cute in his pyjama <3 And i think i have discovered a new weakness of me smile boys in cute pyjamas. I would praise him to any time too smile He look in all the pictures so happy and funny. I love that. Thanks for sharing that lovely post Jo hug

  2. No need for pants under pyjamas. (Although perhaps in this instance it was justified and we got to see the photo) smile . But overall boys don’t needt o wear pants under pj’s. Anyone agree/disagree ??

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