28 thoughts on “Steele Stebbins

  1. Simcah, as long as your “cutie of the moment” or obsession is all about boys. I’m all eyes and all ears. As with most of your other obsessions he is freaking adorable and it’s easy to see why you are drawn to him.

    But, those pj’s need a hole or two in them, wink wink

  2. Simcah: congratulations on your great taste. Now I will have to look up : a haunted mansion 2.

    Vacation was already on my list. Not only does he look really cute, but it also cracks me up (trailer looks great, but just watch out for his darts).

    And he is to cute in his PJ’s.

  3. picture #6 in my opinion is the best. he really looks pretty in that one. And he also looks soooo cute and adorable in those pjs, i wanna give him a big hug. PS. look right into the middle of his pijama pants, you might notice a quite interesting thing.

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