mixed camp #13

This set is split up in 2 parts.

100% true (it sais: wish I was here)
camp 13-3

camp 13-0

camp 13-1

camp 13-2

Part 2:
This is one of the few sets sets in my collection where the scout boys are dressed a little less well. But it was requested by some.

camp 13-4

camp 13-5

camp 13-6

camp 13-7

camp 13-8

camp 13-9

9 thoughts on “mixed camp #13

  1. many thanks Jo again. Especially I like the wet undie pictures. And of course the last two pics, that boy is so awesome. his body is just stunning :o and yeah he pretty too laugh
    Maybe I can sometimes make a own post about him? with my favourites of your posted pictures?
    I think i will dream of him then smile or better I hope I will dream of him laugh

  2. Omg….last week on sept 24th 2016, which was a Saturday. i went to the naval museum which is in buffalo, ny (canalside) and OMG i seen many many boy scouts in their uniform with their tight boyscout shorts on them….HOTT… This was a referring from the pics of the cute hugging boyscout pics. Thanks for the pics!

    • Yum, BoyScoutz=any WebeloScoutz? Those R the yummiest cuz theyre all like aged 12 & 13 between CubScoutz (blue) & BoyScoutz (green) = i made it up 2 First Class Patrol Leader b4 i started gettin drunk&stoned becuz i felt i didnt fit n2 popular society. When i was a scout, we did lotsa camping n Sierras, weekz long backpacking marathonz&canoeing down RussianRiver here n NorthBay rite past gay resortz i think, if they wer ther way back then! We also went to HUGE jamboree n NewMexico for few weeks&camped all over mountain range that scoutz own outside of Albuquerque. Lotz of lighting stormz ther n summer!!

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