28 thoughts on “Boys At War 2

  1. I wish I was the boy being held in picture number 1. The other guys hands in that spot must be very comfortable for the guy being held. Also, I really really really wish I was the guy in the yellow on picture three. That would be great. Number 2 is kind of disturbing. Boys in those clothes can wrestle me, wrap their legs around me or lay down next to me any day of the week. Love these pictures. Thank you for posting them!

  2. I wonder if pic#1 boy thats being held is enjoying the boy’s hands, the expression on the boy thats holding the boy looks like hes trying to sneak a touch. Ik i would try. Pic#2-cute but yes it is disturbing. Pic#3 mmmm i wonder if any dirty thoughts is going thru the boy’s minds, ik my mind would be.

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