13 thoughts on “JUSTIN AND HIS BROTHER

  1. I read online somewhere that JB hates BL’s and gays. But thats ok, i hate his personality life style anyway, but damn…. i would love to jump in his pants and especially his brother’s!!! I think i can say that here. Mmmm

    • Hate is a LEARNED thought pattern, in otherwordz it is taught from one hater to otherz & it spreadz. So if Justin thinkz that way, its becuz of our screwed up hetero society, or maybe sumone like his perpeptually teenaged dad taught him to think that way. Look at how awful hetero society treatz people=maybe heteros should be rounded up & thrown in prison with public shaming for what they have done to our planet with their overpopulation of ugly people. Religious bigots are maybe the worst of them, so letz start there. Bieber is just a product of their hatred if its true. I prefer to think he may be a closet BL myself & i like most of his pop music stuff. Plus he lookz more like a skateboarder than a prissied up boy doll. He’s one celebrity that i still care about becuz i find most nauseating. Heteros do have one good purpose & one only=they keep making a few astonishingly good looking male kidz once n a while. I hope this doesnt offend the few women on this site, but u should be able to see thru my sarcasm. dash

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